Black Mountain, NC

  • The Town Pump Tavern 135 Cherry Street Black Mountain, NC, 28711 United States

As Rue Snider & No Strand

Dead Man's Shoes, She Fills Me Up, The Story of Us, Blue Skies and Telephone Poles, True Love, Farmhouse+, Leaving To Returning, Never Met a Girl I Didn't Love, Losing Her, You'll Be Fine (and I'll Be Fine), Heaven, Snowfall, Tennessee Daughter, Beside You, Phantom Limb, Pretty, Titania and Oberon, Killing, Nights Like This, Song To a Girl Forgotten, Pink Rabbits, Love You Forever, Whiskey To Be Free, Broken Window, Loneliness Is Better Than Heartbreak, Carolyn, Experiment In Love, You're Gonna Miss Me More Than I'll Miss You, Goodbye Amy^, Blackout

^Ryan Morgan

November 15
Nashville, TN
November 19
Fayetteville, NC