Wilmington, NC

  • The Juggling Gypsy Cafe 1612 Castle Street Wilmington, NC, 28401 United States

Set 1: Tennessee Daughter, Beside You, Places I Promised I’d Go^, Titania and Oberon, Phantom Limb, Perversion, Love You Forever, Killing, Loneliness Is Better Than Heartbreak, No Resurrection, Experiment In Love, You’re Gonna Miss Me More Than I’ll Miss You, Just About Now

Set 2: 23 Days, Thread, Blackout, Sometimes I Try To Fight, Euryphaessa, Heaven, Snowfall, Never Met a Girl I Didn’t Love, Leaving To Returning, Israel, Stories, Dead Man’s Shoes

^Niall Connolly

September 28
Charlotte, NC
October 4
Black Mountain, NC