Stratford, CT

  • Two Roads Brewing Company 1700 Stratford Avenue Stratford, CT, 06615 United States

Blackout, Denial, Euryphaessa, Sometimes I Try To Fight, Orlando, Broken Window, You’ll Be Fine, You’re Alive, Born On a Train*, Nobody To Catch Me, Go Back To Carolina, My Hometown^, 73 Seconds of Truth, Dive In, Never Met a Girl I Didn’t Love, Blue Skies and Telephone Poles, Loneliness Is Better Than Heartbreak, Killing, Love You Forever, One More Time, Tennessee Daughter, Beside You, Nobody Does It Better#, Perversion, Love Yourself&, Snowfall, One More American, Never>Valentines Wish From a Friend, Leaving To Returning, Thread, Stories, Dead Man’s Shoes

*Magnetic Fields
^Bruce Springsteen
#Carly Simon
&Justin Bieber

November 3
Columbus, OH
November 11
Stamford, CT