“...songs that are both brutally honest and completely human.”
- The Daily Country

Rue Snider is a Brooklyn, NY based songwriter who has released three LPs and four EPs since 2012. He tours solo, full time. His lyric driven songs are described as “deeply personal,” “brutally honest and completely human,” and “heartfelt, raw, and authentic.” Rue’s latest release is the protest EP Speak My Mind which featured as Song 80 of the 1000 Days, 1000 Songs project on Friday March 3.

Leaving To Returning (2015) is a loose chronicle of Rue’s life in New York City from 2013 - 2014. It features David Cole from Rubblebucket on drums. The video for “Heaven,” directed by Daniel Feighery and shot with a drone at Coney Island, world premiered at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, won Best Music Video at the Sene Film Fest, and Best Storytelling Award at the InterDrone Conference. “Snowfall” is Rue’s first foray into political songwriting and addresses income inequality, police brutality, and Occupy Wall Street. The track “Killing” was featured on Songpickr’s 2015 Best Songs playlist.

The New New Colossus (2015) only contained one overtly political track but it was enough to draw the attention of Al Jazeera English who did a profile on Rue in early 2016. The title track was written about Syrian refugees in response to vulgarity littering social media at the time. Infintesmal Records from Jacksonville, FL got excited about the holiday song in the package, “The Ghost of New Years Past,” and released the EP as a limited edition cassette in March 2016.

Broken Window (2016) was written in the midst of fledgling sobriety. The album moves from nihilism to hope over its twelve tracks. It was recorded on the road with parts performed by friends all over the country then finished at Studio 76 in Brooklyn. Three singles came out leading up to the record release, two of which, “Blue Skies and Telephone Poles,” and “Stories,” were featured on the iTunes homepage. “73 Seconds of Truth” addresses the Challenger explosion in 1986 and became an unexpected fan favorite during the tour. The video for “Crowd Into Trains” that Rue wrote, directed, and edited was shot in New York City over Thanksgiving.

Speak My Mind was recorded at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN and produced by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Langhorne Slim, Caitlin Rose, Hooray for the Riff Raff). Also featured on the tracks are multi-instrumentalist Jon Estes (John Paul White, Phosphorescent) and Grammy Award winning drummer Derrek C Phillips. The tracks were recorded to tape without the use of any computers. “Speak My Mind” was written the day after the election and is an honest response to the hateful rhetoric of the Republican president’s message during the campaign. “One More American” addresses police brutality.


Rue has shared the stage with Lydia Loveless, Tom Maxwell (Squirrel Nut Zippers), Superhuman Happiness (Stuart Bogie - Antibalas, Arcade Fire), Benjamin Scheuer (The Lion), Blue Healer, Donna Missal, and Walter Salas-Humara (the Silos).


Speak My Mind EP (2017)
Broken Window (2016)
The New New Colossus EP (2015)
Leaving To Returning (2015)
Never Met a Girl I Didn’t Love EP (2015)
Alone Again Relax (2014) - out of print
Losing Her EP (2012)