Releasing July 27, 2018

Releasing July 27, 2018

Recorded and Mixed at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN

Produced and Mixed by Andrija Tokic
Co-produced by Jon Estes
Recorded by Andrija Tokic and Jon Estes
Mastered by TW Walsh
Strings Arranged by Jon Estes

Jon Estes: Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Synths, Melotron, Organ, Pedal Steel, Piano, Percussion, Guzheng
Derrek Phillips: Drums, Percussion
Molly Parden: Background Vocals (Tripping, Experiment, Traveling, Dear Friend, Wouldn't Be Summer)
Paige England: Background Vocals (Wouldn't be Summer, Hot Summer Nights) 
Liz Estes: Violin
Larissa Maestro: Cello
Rue Snider: Vocals, Percussion

All songs written by Rue Snider
© Rue Snider/RTP Ambulance (BMI)

Cover Art by Restless Works
Cover Photo by Lindsay Nolin