Movie Talk

Our Brand Is Crisis

You always have a friend or two who believe that reality tv is real. I have them. Maybe it's weird to me because I know so many people in New York who work on reality tv shows or because I worked on a bunch of commercials and saw how much bullshit goes into selling jenky products. Part of me thinks it's intuitive and that people should know better because more than being lied to they are permitting themselves to be deceived. That shit aint real folks. 

Politics traffics at the same bullshit bazaar as reality tv and commercials. It's nonsense. A guy like Bernie comes along and all of a sudden I'm a true believer for 5 minutes. I look in the mirror and wonder if I'm just like my friends who think the people on Catfish, The Bachelorette, or Storage Wars are anything other than Actors Light (like Diet Coke in Mexico). I like politics though. Maybe it's more a flavor and texture thing. Like Twinkies. Taste good, no nutritional value, possibly shouldn't be considered food. Let's call it something you can put in your mouth and digest that won't immediately kill you.

It's an election year so I've been watching lots of political things. I watched all 5 seasons of Veep. You should too. It's amazing. But it's singing a familiar song. Or at least one that should be familiar. Politicians lie, they are unscrupulous and hungry for power, the world is fucked. Our Brand Is Crisis is more of the same except that it's set in Bolivia. It's refreshing seeing a movie about how politics is dirty and corrupt all over the world, in a nihilistic sort of way.

Sandra Bullock made the picture worth it. I never enjoyed her performances very much before but she was great in this. SPOILER ALERT It gets a little messagy and too hopeful in the last act but that's a small complaint. It won't blow your mind but it's worth your 110 minutes. Veep is a lot better but it's 25 hours.