Movie Talk

Sausage Party

I'm getting to this movie late. Don't hate me. But FUCK. Do you like drugs? Take those drugs. ALL of them. Then go to "Sausage Party." Try to time it so you're peaking 75 minutes into the film. It will blow your fucking mind. I went completely sober and it STILL blew my fucking mind. SPOILER ALERT  There is a dirty, cartoon, food orgy that is so well done that it's H to the O to the T. I'm not kidding. This movie finds a way to be deeply socially conscious (people have the power! or in this case perishable food items), fearlessly political, hilarious, beautiful to look at, a possible film franchise, low brow and high brow in the same frame, a dumb drug comedy for smart people, a scathing critique of religion, erotic verging on pornography, a feel good romp, and deeply offensive to disparate groups of people including Christians, Jews, Europeans, Americans, Native Americans, minimum wage workers, women, Mexicans, and Woody Allen. It's incredible. Don't take your kids.