Movie Talk

Suicide Squad

I always preface writing about these kinds of films by saying I know absolutely nothing about comic books. I go to comic book stores to find cool horror movie t-shirts and to buy buttons. I'm constantly on the prowl for anything wearable featuring "A Nightmare on Elm Street" that doesn't look like it was sewn together by a lonely fanboy in his mother's basement. So far I've come up empty.

Anyway, I liked "Suicide Squad." It's flawed though, oh man is it flawed. Primarily the ridiculous music that holds together like 10 scenes. Films have scores for a reason. If you're gonna use all real songs instead of a score you're gonna have to be Tarantino good or you're gonna have to do what they did with "Footloose" using pop songs that are mostly unique to the movie.  It's hard to separate the context of when "Without Me" by Eminem was burning down the charts in 2002 with it's presence in "Suicide Squad." Tarantino knows how to take a popular song and make it his own in a scene. David Ayer, not so much. His soundtrack is clumsy and distracting. He lets songs stand in for emotions he should be evoking with images. It's really fucking annoying.

The movie starts out strong, for like 20 minutes. Then it goes south about the time the first big song hits. The storytelling isn't very good, which sucks because the actors are so committed and go for it. The story is nothing special and there are too many characters to do any single one justice. But I think the same thing about all of the Avengers movies. I actually liked these characters more than a lot of the ones in those films. I wish they were given a better story and more to do. 

But look, Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn and she's A MAZ ING. I don't think this woman can do anything wrong. I hope to christ I never meet her because I'm certain it will destroy my "woman who sleeps beside a unicorn on a rainbow made of joy" visualization. I thought to myself about halfway through the movie, "Wow if Margot Robbie wasn't in this there wouldn't really be much of a movie. Damn, those shorts." But she IS in it and she DOES wear those shorts and she KICKS A TON OF ASS the whole way through. It's like reading a John Grisham novel that happens to have pictures in it of a blond goddess tearing dudes apart. If you like John Grisham novels that analogy won't make any sense; risk taken.

Will Smith is fantastic in this too, but he's kind of fantastic in everything. He was great in "Independence Day" and that was some shitty filmmaking. Like scrub my brain with a wire brush bad. So he doesn't make Suicide Squad great on his own, although his performance rules. Everyone is awesome. There was all the talk about Jordan Catalano being terrible as the Joker but I liked him.

If you haven't seen "Suicide Squad" yet you probably don't give a fuck so you know, whatever. It's way better than that piece of garbage "Batman vs. Superman" from earlier this year. Light years better. 

OH OH OH! There was a "Wonder Woman" trailer! AHHHH!