"Vamonos" Out Now

"Vamonos," the first single from my next album, City Living, released today! It's my favorite work I've done and I'd be really grateful if you gave it some listens and shared it with your friends. Don't forget to add my tunes to your personal playlists. Thanks for all your support.

Stream and/or download the song:

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"Vamonos" Premiere with Atwood Magazine

We're excited to announce that Rue's new single "Vamonos" is premiering now with Atwood Magazine!

"Like Wilco, Father John Misty, The War on Drugs and more, Rue Snider takes the good and bad of life’s majesty and distills it into a complex musical adventure brimming with warmth and sadness. He accomplishes, with one song, what some artists take their whole lives to create: We may come out the other side smiling, but behind that smile is a tear." - Mitch Mosk (Atwood Magazine)

Head on over to their website to read more and have a listen! "Vamonos" releases everywhere tomorrow.

"Vamonos" Premiere - Atwood Magazine

Amanda Brown
"Vamonos" Behind the Scenes Video

The first single from the new record releases this Friday 3/2/18. Today we're really pleased to share a short behind the scenes video of the song that demonstrates it's journey from the original demo through the finished product. The footage is from The Bomb Shelter in Nashville and features producer Andrija Tokic and co-producer/multi instrumentalist Jon Estes. Stay tuned for the premiere of the full song tomorrow at http://atwoodmagazine.com/.

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Favorite Records of 2017

There were so many awesome records released in 2017 it was really difficult to make a list of my favorites. Let me start with some shameless self promotion. I released an EP, Speak My Mind, and a remix from that EP that introduced my tunes to a lot of new folks last year. Thanks for listening.

Speak my Mind Cover Art.jpg
brothertiger mm.jpg

Speaking of l listening, here are the 15 records I liked the most plus a bunch of honorable mentions that I loved too. 


1. Stranger In the Alps - Phoebe Bridgers


2. Ctrl - SZA


3. ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ - Joey Bada$$


4. Faded Days - Actual Wolf


5. Pure Comedy - Father John Misty


6. Sleep Well Beast - The National


7. Melodrama - Lorde


8. Villains - Queens of the Stone Age


9. Mental Illness - Aimee Mann


10. Care - David Bazan


11. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCTION


12. Big Bad Luv - John Moreland


13. Exile In The Outer Ring - EMA


14. Colors - Beck


15. All American Made - Margo Price

Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey
Spirit - Depeche Mode
After Laughter - Paramore
Hug Of Thunder - Broken Social Scene
Salutations - Conor Oberst
Yours Conditionally - Tennis
In Mind - Real Estate
Goodnight Rhonda Lee - Nicole Atkins
Lo Tom - Lo Tom
Toy - A Giant Dog
As You Were - Liam Gallagher
Heaven Upside Down - Marilyn Manson
Mister Mellow - Washed Out
God's Problem Child - Willie Nelson
Lost At Last Vol. 1 - Langhorne Slim
Dirty Pictures (part 1) - Low Cut Connie
Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples
Rainbow - Kesha
Semper Femina - Laura Marling
Wind Swept - Johnny Jewel
The Nashville Sound - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Rue Snider
Favorite Films of 2017

I had a brilliant time at the movies this year. I was in New York City in October and saw so many 80s horror films in the theater I lost count. A bunch of them were in 35mm. I saw all seven of the Fast and Furious films at Nitehawk in Williamsburg during one very good week. There was a new Star Wars and a new Blade Runner. There were re releases of Terminator 2, Close Encounters, and Casablanca. My senses were overwhelmed with awesome. Following are the new films released this year that I loved the most.

lady m.jpeg

1. Lady Macbeth
I walked into this movie cold and only picked it because it was playing at a time I had free one afternoon in July. HOLY SHIT. It's a riveting period piece about a loveless marriage that is rooted in a deeply unsettling moral ambiguity. I loved it more than anything else I saw all year.

2. Call Me By Your Name
The film takes you on a journey for two hours so one character can deliver a several minutes long monologue essentially to the audience. It shouldn't work but it does. It's gorgeous and heart wrenching just like a real romance. 


3. I, Tonya
Any movie that can make me genuinely empathize with Tonya Harding is okay in my book. The writing is spectacular and the editing is spot on. It's funny as hell and true ish. I haven't had this much fun at the movies in a long time. It's a must see. Allison Janney rocks my world.


4. The Square
People have called The Square a take down of the contemporary art world. I think its appeal is much broader. It tackles political correctness, egalitarian ideals, casual sex, parenthood, social media, and half a dozen other themes over two hours. Usually that would bother me. Usually I would say something like, "this movie was made in one of those $11 salad delis in Midtown." But somehow it works. There's so much going on but it doesn't feel overly ambitious. I was left breathless. 


5. Raw
I love horror movies more than any other genre. Swoon. It's really exciting when someone does something different with the genre. This movie isn't as good as Let The Right One In, which was the best movie of the first decade of this century, but it evokes it stylistically. It's visually interesting, well shot, has awesome performances, and is totally fucked up. The themes and central metaphor are obvious but really well done. It's disturbing in the best kind of way.


6. The Shape of Water
I swam out of this movie dripping with romance. It's magical. 


7. Good Time
Transcendent, moody, hallucinatory, desperate. It almost made me want to go hang out in Queens. Almost.


8. I Am Not Your Negro
This movie that dismantles racial assumptions and juxtaposes the lives of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. through the writing of James Baldwin was released the same year white supremacists took charge of the White House. Speak truth to power.


9. Lady Bird
I'm a sucker for coming of age films of all stripes but they are rarely this real or well done. The writing is superb and the casting and performances are perfect. Greta Gerwig nails it. 


10. The Big Sick
This movie could be called "Boundaries: Respect." It's so good. There is an honest to Christ 9/11 joke in the middle and it totally works. Kumail Nanjiani is hilarious.

11. Atomic Blonde
12. Wonder Woman
13. Get Out
14. Blade Runner 2049
15. Logan
16. Dunkirk
17. Wind River
18. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
19. Landline
20. Okja 


Rue Snider
On the 12th day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas....

The holidays are about food for a lot of people. I've been with my family for less than 12 hours and already eaten my weight in vegan pancakes and tempeh bacon. What are your favorite holiday foods? I've become very fond of Tofurkys over the years.

Rue Snider
On the 10th day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas...

It's #NewMusicFriday and the 10th day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas ! We already did original music so what's your favorite holiday song that's a cover? Mine is definitely Silent Night (Duet) by Cincinnati band Over the Rhine from their Christmas record Darkest Night Of the Year.

Rue Snider
On the 9th day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas...

What's your most vivid holiday memory? When I was 6 years old my parent's flew us to Disney World on Christmas Day as a surprise. I remember kissing my toys goodbye. I don't think that's what they expected. We had just visited Disney three years before so I don't think my 6 year old brain gave a lot of fucks. But looking back, wow! What a cool Xmas.

Rue Snider
On the 8th day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas....

What's more ubiquitous at the holidays than confections? Sweets. Ohmygod. Let's just talk cookies. What's your favorite? My favorite are vegan old fashioned soft pumpkin cookies. Mmmm

Rue Snider
On the 7th day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas...

There are so many stories about xmas or featuring xmas or set in a christmas snow globe. What's your favorite?  Mine is "Polar Express." I think that's a fairly obvious choice. A strong one though.

Rue Snider
On the 6th day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas

What's your favorite holiday playlist? I've found a lot that are awesome. I'm partial to my own of course. Last year I made this one and still love it a Christmas later.

Rue Snider
On the 5th Day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas...

What are your favorite holiday decorations? When I was growing up we had a psychedelic star for the top of our tree. 70s. Badass. I don't think my parents realized it was designed to be enjoyed with eggnog and acid. It ruled. There are no extant photos unfortunately.

Rue Snider
On the 4th day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas...

Holiday TV shows were a consistent part of my family's celebrations growing up. We planned our evenings in December around the broadcast schedule of Rudolph, Frosty, John Denver and the Muppets, and so many others. My favorite of all time though was a special that aired on HBO when I was a kid made by the Jim Henson team. Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. Swoon.

Post your favorite holiday TV shows with the hashtag #HeyHeyMerryXmas

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On the 3rd day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas...

What are your favorite original holiday songs? Original defined as something by an artist you love that isn't Rudolph or goddamn Oh Holy this or that. Post them with the hashtag #HeyHeyMerryXmas and help us celebrate!

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On the 2nd Day of #HeyHeyMerryXmas...

It's holiday pet picture day! What are the holidays like for your furry friends? Share your photos with us using #HeyHeyMerryXmas.

Here are some of Team Rue's festive friends. 

 These are Samwise (RIP) and Chester (RIP). Christmas is not the same without them.

These are Samwise (RIP) and Chester (RIP). Christmas is not the same without them.

 Tereza sporting some festive antlers.

Tereza sporting some festive antlers.

 Toby is excited about his new Christmas tree.

Toby is excited about his new Christmas tree.

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#HeyHeyMerryXmas - It's the 12 Days of Xmas!

It's the 12 days of Xmas! Vegan egg nog and chocolate chip cookies!! WOO HOO!! Check back here (and across all of Rue's socials) for the theme of the day leading up to Krampus coming for bad children everywhere. 

    The 12th day of Xmas: What's your favorite Xmas movie? Rue's is "Die Hard" #HeyHeyMerryXmas   

The 1st day of Xmas:

What's your favorite Xmas movie? Rue's is "Die Hard" #HeyHeyMerryXmas

Die hard.jpg
Rue Snider