The protest song you can shake your hips to, Make Me Feel, releases today!
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My brand new single was written during the Kavanaugh hearings. It’s a visceral reaction to watching people in power abuse their position to at best maintain the status quo and at worst bolster the patriarchy, support homophobia, racism, and misogyny, and use fear to distract from their own corruption. That’s what this song is about. It’s an angry lyric. We found a way to dial down the folk rage I wrote in my bedroom and turn it into a bonafide indie rock (indie pop?) barn burner. You can rage against political puppets and oligarchs AND move your hips. Even if you disagree with my reverb soaked wish that there was actually a hell so people like Mitch McConnell could spend eternity there you can at least shake that booty to the electric guitars and synthesizers. Everybody dance!

Make Me Feel is here

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City Living Featured In B-Sides & Badlands 30 Best Albums of 2018
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We’re thrilled that City Living has made B-Sides & Badlands’ 30 Best Albums of 2018 list! Rue is in great company alongside artists like Courtney Marie Andrews, Brandy Zdan, Ariana Grande, Brandi Carlile, and Kacey Musgraves. Jason Scott at B-Sides & Badlands has been very supportive all year and we encourage you to check out his blog.

Read what they say about City Living and see the full list here:

Check out all of the albums on Spotify via their Best Albums of 2018 playlist:
Best Album of 2018

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Split Single City Living/Orlando out now!
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My new split single City Living/Orlando is out! My entire record was built around “City Living” so I’m excited to feature the track. “Orlando” was too different musically and thematically to make the album, and I’m so glad it’s now found it’s way into the world.

“Orlando” was written after the Pulse nightclub shooting as a way to process that horror and as public penance for homophobia in my youth. I grew up in a mainstream, evangelical church that referred to homosexuality as a “learned form of perversion.” They made a concerted effort to teach homophobia to teenagers and children by stoking fear and intolerance. It was shameful. I know for sure that it’s possible for people to let go of intolerance, bigotry, and fear because I did. David Bazan said, "If you don't hold your mistakes up for everyone to see then no one learns anything." I agree. This song is a love letter to all the wonderful gay men and women I’ve had the privilege to know.

Hear both of the songs now:

"Run Away With You" Premiering Now at B-Sides and Badlands
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Big thanks to B-Sides and Badlands for premiering "Run Away With You" today!

"...a heavenly-sedating new song called “Run Away with You,” which galvanizes the lush ripples of classic rock and marries with an enchanting powdering of alternative pop.”

Check out the full premiere over at B-Sides and Badlands:

"Run Away With You" releases everywhere tomorrow, July 13.

Release Show T-Shirt Giveaway

The City Living vinyl release show AND my birthday is July 26. Come celebrate at Berlin. I'll be joined by RFA & Ian Mellencamp. It would be a tremendous help if you bought a ticket in advance. With that in mind I'm giving away a FREE t-shirt with every ticket purchased Monday July 9 - Sunday July 15. Just come to the merch table at the show and we'll have your name. That's ticket sales this week only. Putting on a big release show is like throwing a party. It's really helpful when people RSVP.

Purchase tickets here:

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"Don't Lose Heart" video and free download

It's hard to scroll through Twitter or even leave home without becoming painfully aware of all the injustice that's happening in the United States. Children being separated from their families is just one more shameful policy in the barrage of assaults this administration has made against minorities and our planet. I don't think equal rights for everyone should be partisan. I don't think we should permit monied interests to prevent a federal assault weapons ban or prevent health care for all by buying our politicians. I don't think it's too much to expect that everyone in America have access to clean drinking water. 

I grew up with a teacher for a father and a mom who owned a small business. I watched them struggle, work incredibly hard, and sacrifice to provide me with the best life they could. What about families who aren't steeped in the kind of privilege I was born into as a white, male American? Income inequality is something I've addressed in my music before and I think it's the most pressing issue facing the United States right now. There is of course so much social injustice taking place that it is unwise to ignore the intersectionality of the many issues involving gender, race, and class as well. There are powerful people in the top 1% who own all of the wealth while people I know personally are burdened by 2 and sometimes 3 jobs just to pay rent and be able to eat. It's not right. 

I got the idea for this video last week and decided to put out the song over the weekend. There is a freedom that comes from being a fully independent artist that I cherish. I want to throw my hat in the ring to try the best I can to speak truth to power. 

The song is streaming here:

You can download it for free:

Please donate to the ACLU

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