The Road to Recording Tour


The Road to Recording Tour starts tonight! Rue is playing some shows on his way to Nashville to start recording his next album. Come out to hear some new songs live!

Tour Dates:
Aug 16 Butler, PA - Cummings Coffee & Candy West
Aug 19 Columbus, OH - Crest Fest
Aug 20 Dayton, OH - Jimmie’s Ladder 11
Aug 21 Cincinnati, OH - Rake’s End
Aug 22 Indianapolis, IN - Union 50
Aug 25 Gadsden, AL - Back Forty Beer Company
Aug 27 Birmingham, AL - Moonlight On the Mountain
Aug 31 Tuscaloosa, AL - Egan’s Bar
Sep 2 Nashville, TN - Tennessee Brew Works

More info available here:

Fundraiser For the New Album Starts Today!


Some songs hit so deep you lose your breath. Someone said to me, "you're not curing cancer." That guy missed the point of every awesome rock song ever made. Music doesn't cure cancer. But it sure does soothe souls, from every walk of life, in all situations, every single day. This campaign is about finding a few folks who still believe in the capacity of music and the power of intention and dreams. My dream has a price tag.

It's $12,800. You can help.

Speak My Mind Out Now!


It's a very exciting New Music Friday! Rue's new EP, Speak My Mind is out today. The songs were recorded in Nashville at The Bomb Shelter with the very talented producer Andrija Tokic (Langhorne Slim, Alabama Shakes). Please give the songs a listen and share them with your friends!

1. Speak My Mind
2. Moving Me
3. One More American

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Broken Window Tour Dates: Leg Two


The second leg of the Broken Window Tour kicks off this week in Memphis, TN. It sees Rue on his first trip to the west coast, followed by stops at Folk Alliance International, and SXSW. Check out the initial shows below. More dates to be confirmed.

Broken Window Confirmed Tour Dates (Second Leg)
Jan 6 Memphis, TN - Found Studio
Jan 8 Houston, TX - notsuoH
Jan 10 Austin, TX - Driskill Hotel
Jan 11 Austin, TX - Stay Gold
Jan 14 San Antonio, TX - Sanchos Cantina & Cocina
Jan 17 Bisbee, AZ - The Quarry Bisbe
Jan 20 San Diego, CA - Black Cat Bar
Jan 22 Los Angeles, CA - Loaded
Jan 25 Oakland, CA - The Octopus Literary Salon
Jan 29 Eugene, OR - Old Nick’s Pub
Jan 30 Portland, OR - The Jade Lounge
Feb 8 Laramie, WY - Coal Creek Coffee Company
Feb 15 Kansas City, MO - Folk Alliance International
Feb 16 Kansas City, MO -  Folk Alliance International
Feb 17 Kansas City, MO -  Folk Alliance International
Feb 18 Kansas City, MO -  Folk Alliance International
Feb 19 Kansas City, MO - The Dubliner
Feb 20 Chesterfield, IN - Monty’s Lounge
Feb 23 New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall
Mar 1 Columbia, SC - Mind Gravy
Mar 4 Tuscaloosa, AL - Druid City Brewing
Mar 8 Russelville AR - Penny University Coffee Company
Mar 9 Norman, OK - Red Brick Bar
Mar 10 Tulsa, OK - Yeti
Mar 14 Austin, TX - SXSW
Mar 15 Austin, TX - SXSW
Mar 16 Austin, TX - SXSW
Mar 17 Austin, TX - SXSW
Mar 18 Austin, TX - SXSW
Mar 19 Austin, TX - SXSW
Mar 25 Orlando, FL - Dandelion Communitea Cafe
Mar 27 Greenville, SC - Independent Public Alehouse

For additional details, head over to the tour dates page,
Rue Snider - Tour Dates

2016 Remaining Tour Dates

The first leg of the Broken Window Tour is wrapping up! Don't miss your chance to catch Rue live before the holidays.

Remaining 2016 Dates:
Nov 25 Indianapolis, IN - Broad Ripple Tavern
Nov 27 Cincinnati, OH - Sitwells Coffee House
Nov 29 Nashville, TN - Bobby's Idle Hour
Nov 30 Nashville, TN - Belcourt Taps
Dec 1 Memphis, TN - Found Studio
Dec 2 Tulsa, OK - The Yeti
Dec 4 Norman, OK - Red Brick Bar
Dec 9 Pascagoula, MS - Celtic Irish Pub
Dec 11 St. Augustine, FL - Shanghai Nobby's
Dec 13 Orlando, FL - Spacebar
Dec 14 Orlando, FL - Natura Coffee & Tea
Dec 15 Sarasota, FL - Growler's Pub
Dec 16 Gainesville, FL - Lightnin' Salvage
Dec 17 Jacksonville, FL - Rain dogs.
Dec 19 Greenville, SC - Independent Public Alehouse
Dec 22 Columbus, OH - Rumba Cafe

For a preview of his live show, watch the full set from his show on Wednesday.

One On One Session at City Winery

Rue stopped by City Winery on Friday to film a One On One Session. Check out his new song "Speak My Mind" below and head over to YouTube to see the full set.

Rue Snider - One On One Session: Full Set

"Speak My Mind"

This isn’t where I thought we would be
Half a decade deep celebrating white supremacy
Fear is an easy sell when people choose not to read
Evangelicals chose the candidate of bigotry, the hypocrisy

Privilege is ignition
It burns in the alt right
These are people who think women should be in kitchens
These are people still against miscegenation who think white men are maligned
And they speak their mind
So I’ll speak mine

When you politicize reproductive rights
You threaten the lives of people that I love
When your immigration line is that it’s deportation time
You threaten to destroy families that I love

Dr King dreamed about equality this morning I woke up and felt like that dream died
The successor to my county’s first black president
Is a KKK supported climate change denying anti-semite who lies
72 percent of the time
It still makes me cry

What do you say to the kids that wake up today
Who aren’t Christian, white, able-bodied, and straight? 
It’s hard to teach them to love even in dissent
When ridicule is endorsed by the president

So now we’re standing in the present naval gazing at the past
Depending on where you’re standing
It might not look that bad, if that’s the case you’ve been had
We can never go back

This isn’t where I thought we would be
Half a decade deep celebrating white supremacy

Broken Window Press

Check out what people are saying about Broken Window....

“...songs that are both brutally honest and completely human.” - The Daily Country

“...the right amounts of country-folk rock ’n’ roll that evokes equal parts of Willie Nelson and Neil Young.” - Power of Pop

“This record is profoundly human…” - Sway and Breathe

“The production and instrumental choices of Broken Window...mixed with Snider’s individual voice, strongly evoke the melodic but painfully shaky character of Conor Oberst…” - Throw the Dice and Play Nice

Now is the perfect time to go listen!

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