"Don't Lose Heart" video and free download

It's hard to scroll through Twitter or even leave home without becoming painfully aware of all the injustice that's happening in the United States. Children being separated from their families is just one more shameful policy in the barrage of assaults this administration has made against minorities and our planet. I don't think equal rights for everyone should be partisan. I don't think we should permit monied interests to prevent a federal assault weapons ban or prevent health care for all by buying our politicians. I don't think it's too much to expect that everyone in America have access to clean drinking water. 

I grew up with a teacher for a father and a mom who owned a small business. I watched them struggle, work incredibly hard, and sacrifice to provide me with the best life they could. What about families who aren't steeped in the kind of privilege I was born into as a white, male American? Income inequality is something I've addressed in my music before and I think it's the most pressing issue facing the United States right now. There is of course so much social injustice taking place that it is unwise to ignore the intersectionality of the many issues involving gender, race, and class as well. There are powerful people in the top 1% who own all of the wealth while people I know personally are burdened by 2 and sometimes 3 jobs just to pay rent and be able to eat. It's not right. 

I got the idea for this video last week and decided to put out the song over the weekend. There is a freedom that comes from being a fully independent artist that I cherish. I want to throw my hat in the ring to try the best I can to speak truth to power. 

The song is streaming here:

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Rue Snider