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The electric guitar at the start of Chelsea comes in like a thunderstorm on the heels of my last synth heavy single Make Me Feel. The song’s different sections are in fact constructed to mirror the parts of a tropical storm. The notes for Phil Joly, mixer extraordinaire, began “This song should sound like a hurricane.” The desire to capture the violence of nature comes from Phoebe Bridgers’s excellent lyric. Chelsea is a cover of her folk ballad. Musically it’s opposite end of the spectrum but the energy and Shakespearean attempt to mirror the human condition are drawn from her words.

Chelsea temporarily abandons the 80s sound I’ve been chasing and finds inspiration from a mixtape of 70s rock n roll as well as 90s grunge. It’s a loud and audacious goodbye song that is perfect for the end of summer. I hope you fucking LOVE IT.

"...Rue Snider schmoozes the eardrums with a cover of Phoebe Bridgers’ “Chelsea,” gassing up the delicate folk song into an absolute bonfire.” - B-Sides & Badlands

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