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Split Single City Living/Orlando out now!
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My new split single City Living/Orlando is out! My entire record was built around “City Living” so I’m excited to feature the track. “Orlando” was too different musically and thematically to make the album, and I’m so glad it’s now found it’s way into the world.

“Orlando” was written after the Pulse nightclub shooting as a way to process that horror and as public penance for homophobia in my youth. I grew up in a mainstream, evangelical church that referred to homosexuality as a “learned form of perversion.” They made a concerted effort to teach homophobia to teenagers and children by stoking fear and intolerance. It was shameful. I know for sure that it’s possible for people to let go of intolerance, bigotry, and fear because I did. David Bazan said, "If you don't hold your mistakes up for everyone to see then no one learns anything." I agree. This song is a love letter to all the wonderful gay men and women I’ve had the privilege to know.

Hear both of the songs now:

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Some songs hit so deep you lose your breath. Someone said to me, "you're not curing cancer." That guy missed the point of every awesome rock song ever made. Music doesn't cure cancer. But it sure does soothe souls, from every walk of life, in all situations, every single day. This campaign is about finding a few folks who still believe in the capacity of music and the power of intention and dreams. My dream has a price tag.

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Speak My Mind Out Now!

It's a very exciting New Music Friday! Rue's new EP, Speak My Mind is out today. The songs were recorded in Nashville at The Bomb Shelter with the very talented producer Andrija Tokic (Langhorne Slim, Alabama Shakes). Please give the songs a listen and share them with your friends!

1. Speak My Mind
2. Moving Me
3. One More American

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Broken Window Press

Check out what people are saying about Broken Window....

“...songs that are both brutally honest and completely human.” - The Daily Country

“...the right amounts of country-folk rock ’n’ roll that evokes equal parts of Willie Nelson and Neil Young.” - Power of Pop

“This record is profoundly human…” - Sway and Breathe

“The production and instrumental choices of Broken Window...mixed with Snider’s individual voice, strongly evoke the melodic but painfully shaky character of Conor Oberst…” - Throw the Dice and Play Nice

Now is the perfect time to go listen!

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