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“...songs that are both brutally honest and completely human.” - The Daily Country

“...the right amounts of country-folk rock ’n’ roll that evokes equal parts of Willie Nelson and Neil Young.” - Power of Pop

“This record is profoundly human…” - Sway and Breathe

“The production and instrumental choices of Broken Window...mixed with Snider’s individual voice, strongly evoke the melodic but painfully shaky character of Conor Oberst…” - Throw the Dice and Play Nice

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Broken Window Cover Art + Pre-order Now!

Broken Window is now available for pre-order! You'll automatically get the first two singles, "Blackout" & "Blue Skies and Telephone Poles" with the pre-order.

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Broken Window Teaser Trailer & Tracklist Reveal

Here's the trailer for the new album Broken Window! Check it out for a sneak peak at the album.

Broken Window
October 7, 2016

1. Broken Window
2. Blue Skies and Telephone Poles
3. Blackout
4. Denial
5. Loneliness Is Better Than Heartbreak
6. You'll Be Fine
7. Crowd Into Trains
8. Valentines Wish From a Friend
9. 73 Seconds of Truth
10. Dive In
11. Stories
12. Dead Man's Shoes