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"Vamonos" Behind the Scenes Video

The first single from the new record releases this Friday 3/2/18. Today we're really pleased to share a short behind the scenes video of the song that demonstrates it's journey from the original demo through the finished product. The footage is from The Bomb Shelter in Nashville and features producer Andrija Tokic and co-producer/multi instrumentalist Jon Estes. Stay tuned for the premiere of the full song tomorrow at

VideoRue SniderVamonos, Studio
Cover - "All American Made" (Margo Price)

Margo Price has put out two phenomenal records that you should own if you don't already. We had the privilege of using her keyboard player's Juno on my new album we recorded in Nashville at The Bomb Shelter and I don't know what we would have done without it!

I don't know Margo but I've been in the front row to see her play twice and her performances both times were magical. Here's a cover of the title track from her most recent album.

VideoRue SniderCover
One On One Session at City Winery

Rue stopped by City Winery on Friday to film a One On One Session. Check out his new song "Speak My Mind" below and head over to YouTube to see the full set.

Rue Snider - One On One Session: Full Set

"Speak My Mind"

This isn’t where I thought we would be
Half a decade deep celebrating white supremacy
Fear is an easy sell when people choose not to read
Evangelicals chose the candidate of bigotry, the hypocrisy

Privilege is ignition
It burns in the alt right
These are people who think women should be in kitchens
These are people still against miscegenation who think white men are maligned
And they speak their mind
So I’ll speak mine

When you politicize reproductive rights
You threaten the lives of people that I love
When your immigration line is that it’s deportation time
You threaten to destroy families that I love

Dr King dreamed about equality this morning I woke up and felt like that dream died
The successor to my county’s first black president
Is a KKK supported climate change denying anti-semite who lies
72 percent of the time
It still makes me cry

What do you say to the kids that wake up today
Who aren’t Christian, white, able-bodied, and straight? 
It’s hard to teach them to love even in dissent
When ridicule is endorsed by the president

So now we’re standing in the present naval gazing at the past
Depending on where you’re standing
It might not look that bad, if that’s the case you’ve been had
We can never go back

This isn’t where I thought we would be
Half a decade deep celebrating white supremacy

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